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Interviews and Forums:
Since filing for the Mayoral race in December of 2021, Chartrael has participated in numerous interviews, surveys, and forums. He is one of four republican candidates running for the primary race on May 17th. You can find his previous news coverage, interviews, and responses on public matters below:
Chartrael Hall Mayoral Interviews and Forums:
Primary election 2022: Republican Chartrael Hall for mayor

Chartrael Hall is one of four candidates in the Republican primary for Louisville mayor. He is a minister at Quinn Chapel AME Church in Louisville’s Russell neighborhood and the co-founder of the nonprofit Get Better Every Day, which offers young people mentoring through sports.

Crime, housing, JCPS and more: Louisville mayoral candidates trade plans during forum

The Republican candidates for mayor — Rob Stark Reishman, Chartrael Hall, Philip Molestina and Bill Dieruf — agreed on their desire to make Louisville feel safer in order to attract more businesses to the city.

Hall, a minister at Quinn Chapel AME Church, life coach and motivational speaker who graduated from Bellarmine University, where he played basketball before embarking on a pro career overseas, said along with taking a "safety first" approach to improving the city, "more innovation" from young and old residents alike will help create more economic opportunities.

Louisville Mayoral Candidates - 2022 Primary Election Survey 

Chartrael Hall


I am generating an affordable housing strategy for the City of Louisville that supports further development and diversification of residencies in our community. It is imperative that we have appropriate housing options that are applicable for our youth all the way to our elders. My goal is to increase the number of rentals and propose new purpose-built rental housing options. The implementation of accessible and supportive housing options for moderate- and low-income households will be increased by collaborating with stakeholders. In addition, affordable housing for seniors and households with any member who may have disabilities or mental health issues will also be a priority to ensure they will not be forced out of their homes. Lastly, we will need to increase the number of ownership options in Louisville that are affordable for moderate-income households. Well-designed, affordable mixed-income housing is a key component of a healthy community. To build successful communities, designers and developers need to respect, relate, and respond to the people who will reside in the housing they are developing.

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